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Umatilla County, OR

Umatilla County was the first location selected to pilot the Community ROCKit process for kickstarting COVID recovery.


With a history of collaboration, commitment to action, and leadership enthusiastic about leveraging collective skills and assets for community-wide change, Umatilla County was the perfect community for our test flight.

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Their First Mission


Generate vibrant mental health solutions for individuals in crisis

Why Umatilla County?


"We're not reinventing the wheel. We're making it bigger and better. It warms my heart to see all the assets we have in the community."
~ ROCKit participant

Who is Umatilla County

noun_farm field_3115045.png

Mostly rural landscape that includes

82,500 individuals spread over 3,215 miles


Residents are predominantly

White, Hispanic, or members of tribal communities


60% of voters

are registered Republicans


The county was named after the

Umatilla River


Home of the

Pendleton Round-Up,

a large, award-winning rodeo held annually since 1910 

Integrated Asset &
Action Map

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V3 LBVJ - Updated Integrated Asset  Acti

These assets were identified by Umatilla County participants to help address and improve mental health access for people in crisis.

Asset Map

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