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Tillamook County, OR

Tillamook County was the second location selected to pilot the Community ROCKit process for kickstarting COVID recovery.

With a community culture that prioritizes 'stepping up' when residents see a need and collaborating across political lines, Tillamook County was the ideal community for the second Community ROCKit test flight.

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Their First Mission


Create vibrant solutions for rapid, easy access to shelter and supports so that no one in Tillamook County need live unsheltered

Why Tillamook County?


"We think we know each other...we think we know all the local assets. And we don't. ROCKit helps us deepen our working relationships and identify our diverse community assets."

~ Commissioner Erin Skaar,  co-chair

"Implementing ROCKit in my county really inspires me again. It feels good to have something to sink my teeth into and feel empowered!"

~ Peter Starkey, CARE,  co-chair

The Housing Crises

The Housing Crises

Who is Tillamook County

noun_farm field_3115045.png

Landscape dominated by dairy farms that includes

27,688 individuals spread over 1,133 miles


Residents are predominantly

White, Hispanic, or members of tribal communities


No Presidential candidate has received >55% 

of votes since 1968, making Tillamook County politically competitive

noun_Totem Pole_2556490.png

 The county was named after the

Tillamook (or Killamook), a Native American tribe


Local farms and dairy are the backbones of the regional economy, with the 

Tillamook County Creamery Association

serving as the largest employer

Integrated Asset &
Action Map

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Tillamook County AssetAction Mural Board_.png

These assets were identified by Tillamook County participants to help address and improve access to shelter within the community.

Asset Map

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Tillamook County Mural Asset Board.png


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