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Morrow County, OR

Morrow County was the third location selected to pilot the Community ROCKit process for solving local challenges using an asset based approach.

MORROW County, OR-01.png

Their First Mission


Create a coordinated approach to expanding the supply of housing so that more people can live in Morrow County, starting with our essential workforce

Why Morrow County?


More than 63% of people who

work in Morrow County live outside of Morrow County. 

Who is Morrow County

noun_farm field_3115045.png

Located between the Columbia River and the Blue Mountains, and home to 

12,825 individuals spread over 2,049 miles


Residents are predominantly

White, Hispanic, or members of tribal communities


Approximately 65%  

of voting-age residents are Republicans 


 The county was named after the

Representative J.L. Morrow, a member of the Oregon legislature in 1885


Major industries include agriculture, food processing, lumber,
livestock, and recreation, with

ConAgra serving as the largest employer


These assets were identified by Morrow County participants to help address housing supply issues.

Asset Map

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FINAL Asset Map (11_08_2021).png


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