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Is your community ready... ROCKit?

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Communities have answers.

ROCKit is a road map to find them.

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Gilliam County to Tackle Childcare Availability and Affordability Crisis



ROCKit is a Resource Organizer for Communities Kit that helps communities chart a path to solving local challenges by focusing on the assets and resources already on hand.

ROCKit Communities: 

  • Participate in a 90-day process that develops a roadmap for asset mapping and community engagement  

  • Create an asset map and capacity inventory to help ROCKit implementers identify community resources 

  • Commit to specific, actionable items and to measuring ongoing process

  • Receive hands-on help selecting focus areas, as well as facilitating and implementing the process

The Inspiration for ROCKit
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Freely available resources for all communities include:

  • A locally-customizable Blueprint planning tool that focuses on community-centered crisis recovery

  • white paper that delves into the research and guides Blueprint users during implementation

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