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Communities have answers. ROCKit is a roadmap to find them.

Whatever the challenge or opportunity, ROCKit provides an action-oriented structure to inspire high-impact solutions.

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ROCKit is a strengths-based problem solving model that leverages the power of connection to develop innovative, practical solutions for virtually any issue.

ROCKit helps solve complex problems by:

  • Convening diverse stakeholders 

  • Building social capital (e.g. relationships)

  • Generating innovative solutions that use existing resources in new ways

  • Inspiring commitments to intentional, coordinated action

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The ROCKit Process

Built around a professionally facilitated workshop series, ROCKit utilizes methods such as appreciative inquiry, asset mapping, and Strategic Doing® to develop new, concrete solutions and practical action plans for achieving results.

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Every Solution Starts
with Relationships

Whether you’re a local community or a big organization, solving our most complex issues starts with building relationships between people who hold the key to actions and solutions. When people feel invested in one another, they invest in solving problems together. And fast.

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We Already Have Most of What We Need to Solve Our Biggest Problems

Organizations, counties, nonprofits, state and local governments, and community stakeholders are often sitting on resources that they can’t use, don’t think to use, or don’t know how to use. ROCKit helps people creatively look at what they already have together and find ways of combining underutilized resources to create change.

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It’s more than planning—it’s doing

The best solution is meaningless if it never gets done. ROCKit facilitates the development of action commitments, so innovative solutions don’t languish.

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Everyone does their part

By building trust, creating buy-in, and leaning on existing resources, everyone has a role in bringing the solution to life. No one stakeholder has to carry the burden alone.

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