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Gilliam County, OR

Gilliam County is suffering a childcare crisis, caused by both limited availability and high costs 


Gilliam County, one of the smallest Oregon counties (with a population under 2,000) recognizes that the long waitlists and expense of childcare for children under 6 are both unsustainable for working parents and damage their economic prospects. Parents unable to take advantage of career opportunities, in turn, prevent the economic growth of the county and region.

Enter Community ROCKit, which will assist Gilliam County in identifying assets, solutions, partnerships, and action steps to address the childcare crisis.

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have both parents (or their single parent) employed

Their Mission

Generate vibrant solutions to expand and stabilize childcare access in Gilliam County, focusing first on children from birth to five years old

Why Childcare?



“We have heard consistently... that access to childcare is the biggest barrier to Oregonians returning to the workforce and pursuing economic opportunities. Put simply, for working parents, childcare is critical infrastructure”

~Governor Kate Brown

Why Gilliam County?  


79% of children under 6 in Gilliam County

have both parents (or their single parent) employed


Gilliam County is considered a 'childcare desert' for the

Infant/Toddler age group, with regulated childcare slots only available for 21% of 0-2 year olds


Average childcare costs for a toddler in Gilliam County

are more than 26% of a minimum wage salary

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